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VButterfly La Mariposa
VButterfly La Mariposa
I don't like to share
Added on Dec 16, 2015
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Essential questions

Female Dj you want to be?

Great question...hmm, I can't come up with just one and exclude another, there so many pioneers of Djettes, but i can tell who's my favorite, Nicole Moudaber.

Male Dj you want to be?

Calvin Harris because he's dating Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift hangs with EVERYONE!  That girl gets around got to love her high profile lifestyle.

The job that you wouldn’t like to do?

The job that isn't for me.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Hell YEAH! They are here...

Have you more qualities than faults?

About 60/40 each day decides the side I balance on. :")

What is your worst memory?

Too many to count at this point in my life, but it is what it is &  LIFE goes ON!

By love, are you ready to accept some infidelities?

I don't like to share, not even my toothbrush. SERIOUSLY

Have you ever drank blood?

Well, one day at camp...Ha ha hal Nah, only when i bit my own lip.

Existential questions

( You must say the opposite of what you think )

You crack your knuckles?

Yes, against jaws, lol just kidding.

Are you favourable to abortion?

No. Keep all the babies alive

You prefer to caress or being caressed?

 I prefer to be caressed in ALL the right places.

Last word

( and finally, you must continue the sentence )

I don’t have time to …

I don’t have time to …Mickey Mouse Bull Shit, Next!!

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