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Silvia Riolo LaDj
Silvia Riolo LaDj
I'm the President of USA
Added on Nov 16, 2013
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Essential questions

Female Dj you want to be?


Male Dj you want to be?

Bob Sinclar, King Midas of dance music

Have you ever had a love story with a Dj? a female Dj?

I'm married since nine years with a DJ, it's his "fault" if I'm became a female dj!

If you have choice: You prefer to spin in Ibiza for season, in Miami for the Winter Miami Conference, or in Cannes during the festival?

I love Miami, and with my husband we want to live there, so ... WMC!

Which country where you have never been, you dream of playing?

I would like to play in Japan because I love mangas and I have desire to visit this country.

When you mix, every time you clap your hands? 

No, not at all! When I mix, I'm focused, of course, but I'm dancing ...

You are Italian, for you mixing it's like preparing pizza?

No, it is like tasting! I love eating well.

Chihuahua is the best friend of female djs?

Oh no! the cat is my best friend.

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Existential questions

You must say the opposite of what you think:

Female dj you hate?

Neither, no one. 

Which song makes you happy?

Gangnam Style (!!!)

About car, you prefer Ferrari or Maserati?

Lamborghini ;)

Last Word

and finally, you must continue the sentence:

One day, everybody will know that I'm? 

The president of USA

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