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Miss Brown
Miss Brown
You have to let you go !
Added on Nov 7, 2013
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Essential questions

Female Dj you want to be?

Smokin Jo, she does an amazing career! Very good artist?

Male Dj you want to be?

Carl Cox of course, very great Dj, producer, "El Maestro" as people say.

If you have choice: You prefer to spin in Amsterdam for ADE, in Miami for the Winter Miami Conference, or in Cannes during the festival?

ADE is very important for music promotion all styles , new technologies , Conferences, Record Label events ... Cannes is certainly not negligible , but if I must choose, I'll go to the Winter Conference in Miami. A crazy atmosphere, much people, the gathering of the best DJs / producers in the world , yes, many Djs would like to go!

Which country where you have never been, you dream of playing?

USA, New York, I would dream to play in underground clubs , and discover other cultures, musical exchanges ... Asia, I would also like discover ...

When you mix, you always raise your arm?

Not really lol, I have hands "glued" to the mixer, just kidding! 

I am very attentive , very concentrated, and I participate subtly with the public to raise pressure.

Few signs, delirium with them a few seconds .. They are always happy.

However, I also like moving, feel good .. I cannot explain behavior before, if the atmosphere is crazy, you have to let you go, but still decent!

What is the song you listen when you're sad?

Amy Whinehouse "Back To Black", Portishead "Glory Box" or Patti Smith, music more or less "dark", I feel a lot of things when I listen.

Does Pittbull is an aggressive singer?

I think no lol ! I only know his music style, even if it's not my own.

Miss Brown & animals

Existential questions

You must say the opposite of what you think:

You are french, you eat frogs everyday, or sunday only?

Only on sunday

You prefer dogs or cats? 


Last Word

and finally, you must continue the sentence:

Anyway, all the djs are?

Passionate? myself yes!

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