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My Heart Will Go On
Added on Dec 3, 2013
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Last updated on Dec 3, 2013

Essential questions

Female Dj you want to be?

Myself but without my laziness :)

Male Dj you want to be?

Avicii, he is young, promising and what a talent.

An actor can work all his life, this is the same for a Dj?

Night job is more difficult for life... However I think everyone must to do his choice.

If you have choice: You prefer to play in a train, in a plane or on a boat?

I love sea and boats.

Which country where you have never been, you dream of playing?

I would like to play in USA, England and France.

What are you thinking, just before entering a new club that you don't know?

Everywhere people are different, and my task is to understand and feel the people as soon as possible.

You think that Russia will win the World Football Cup in Brazil?

Russia is very good to play basketball, hockey and many others, but not football. It's so sad but it's true.

If I say "children", you answer "I do not have time" or "not before 40 years"?

Not now :)

Memfisa - Formula 1 racing

Existential questions

You must say the opposite of what you think:

Memfisa, when you are looking at your photos, you say thank you dad, thank you mom, or thank you photoshop?

Thank you GOD :) 

Memfisa, if you were a singer, what is the song you wish to sing?

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

Memfisa, it is true that when you see an animal, you still imagine in your plate?

Yesssss lol ;)

Last Word

and finally, you must continue the sentence:

Another year and after? 

I will be the official Dj for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia sochi2014.ru and soon, finally I will finish my personal projects.

Discover her profile: http://www.djette.com/Memfisa

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