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Magic Pencil Earphones
Magic Pencil Earphones
Gift idea!
Added on Nov 12, 2013
By  Djette.com
Last updated on Nov 17, 2013

We love!

Just like magic, these earphones make it seem as if you have a pencil going through your head. We are used to the classic designs but these earphones are fun and out of the ordinary, perfect conversation starters. 

They are compatible with iPhone and other smartphones. You can play, rewind, fast forward or answer/hang up from the cable and they have a 3.5mm golden plug audio jack. 

Magic Pencil Earphones are available in 3 colors: Blue, Orange and Grey.

Design model by CKIE (pronounced 'seeky'), CKIE is an extension of Yanko Design

More informations > ckie.com

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