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Dualo du-touch
Dualo du-touch
New Instrument for Dj
Added on Mar 13, 2014
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Last updated on Mar 15, 2014

A keytar, of course you know what is it, and some famous Djs are using this instrument for their shows, but have you heard about Dualo du-touch ?

Dualo du-touch 3D

Dualo du-touch is a portable instrument, just plug it into an amp or play directly through your headphones. You can carry it in your backpack and use it whenever you want.

Dualo du-touch is a Controller-Synthesizer-Sequencer to play INSTINCTIVELY

Learning with a video game

No more music theory needed. Load a music piece in the du-touch and learn it by following the light keys.

An intuitive stage instrument

Control the du-touch by touching, stroking and moving it. You can play it standing every place and you can control every synthetiser thanks to a wireless connection.

Perfect for composition

The du-touch has an internal synthesizer and a sequencer to record every music piece easily without any computer.

du-touch is a synthesizer

112 instruments, 4 percussions kits

8 customizable effects (disto, delay, chorus, compression, reverb)

pitch, modulation, expression, wah-wah

- Customizable settings for sounds and effects, Equalizers and reverb

- Import your own sounds or loops

- Stereo out & headphones audio out

du-touch is a controller

5 octave chromatic dualo keyboard

116 pressure sensors - three-coloured keys

3D intertial central unit - 3 touch sliders

- Adjustment of sensors and display

- Battery powered: 8h autonomy, 9.8 inches, 2.6 pounds

- Midi out, usb, wireless

du-touch is a sequencer

58 music pieces writable in memory

7 tracks rec/play/stop + mixer

easy-to-learn system by following key light

transposition, metronome

- Dedicated software for saving and editing songs

- Share music pieces with a community on dualo.org

The question is, who will be the first female Dj who will try to play with it?

More informations > dualo.org

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