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Djette comment system
Djette comment system
How do I post a comment?
Added on Apr 12, 2014
By  Djette.com
Last updated on Apr 12, 2014

Now we have decided to use and roll out Disqus comments to the website.

It’s not hard to join a discussion on Disqus because chances are he is already on your favorite sites. More than 2.5 million and counting. One request? Be nice to each other out there.

You may have already noticed that some sections on the site use the Disqus commenting system.

The Comments box lets people comment on content on the site.

How to post a comment?

First, verify that you are logged in (as a registered users or with a social login). You will know that you are logged into Disqus if, when you click into the postbox, you see your name in the "Post as…" button.

More informationshttp://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/926014-how-to-post-a-comment



The Disqus universehttp://disqus.com/

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