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Joachim Garraud Soundset
Added on Mar 11, 2015
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Alonso Sound is a pioneering sound design company based in Chicago in the United States.

They specialize in the advancement of cutting-edge sample libraries and synthesizer presets which are programmed to perfection by punctilious craft and engineering. Their aim is to create high quality professional audio tools that lead the way for producers of all levels to develop their sound and create, themselves, the future in the music industry.

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Throughout the past couple of decades, Joachim Garraud has produced several top hits that were responsible for electronic dance music to hit the mainstream. Today, he offers us his sound collection; the fundamental sounds every producer should have as well as a forward-looking direction to give your productions an avant-garde edge.

As one of the most influential pioneers in the scene, Joachim Garraud’s signature sound has constantly been duplicated by others hoping to reach the same level of sound design. Now, he’s allowed outsiders a rare glimpse into his work process with his own signature soundset designed for LennarDigital’s Sylenth1. Comprised of 128 patches overall, this state-of-the-art soundset has been diligently programmed by Garraud himself to ensure high-end performance and professional quality. Complete with assigned modwheel parameters for easy tweaking, Joachim Garraud’s Sylenth1 Soundset is equally as flexible as it is involved, allowing users to easily construct their own unique sounds.

9 Main Patch Categories:

. ARP (6)

. BASS (22)

. FX (8)

. KEYS (2)

. LEAD (47)

. PAD (6)

. PLUCK (28)

. SYNTH (5)


. 128 sounds; programmed by Joachim Garraud

. Core instrument patch mapping and programming

. All patches assigned intuitive modwheel parameters for easy .tweaking and multiple sound variations

. Format(s): .fxb (Full Bank) and .fxp (Individual Patches)

. Note: Requires Full Retail Version of Sylenth1 2.2 or later

Buy > joachim garraud sylenth1soundset

More informations about Alonso > alonso-sound.com

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